This ain’t the wagyu that I know!

Let’s say that you are an English who loves scone. One day, you go to an Asian country and find scone. You are very happy to find it outside of your home country. But, when you try it, you would probably say, “this ain’t the scone that I know!” because recipe is totally different from what you eat at home, and the Asian scone is just not good enough for you.

The same thing happened to me when I ate wagyu outside of Japan. I am Japanese who love wagyu. I have lived in US (5 years), Spain (2 years), and UK (currently living), and have traveled more than 20 countries. I have seen “wagyu” everywhere around the world in restaurants and supermarkets, but it was not quit as marbling, tasty, and melting as the one I used to eat in Japan.

I did research of wagyu around the world and found out that wagyu sold outside of Japan is usually not the same as the authentic Japanese wagyu. In Japan, to name 和牛 (“wagyu” in Japanese), cattle must be raised in Japan and its breed must be 100% wagyu. On the other hand, outside of Japan, cattle could be named wagyu if it has 50% wagyu breed (or even lower). Quality of wagyu outside of Japan is totally different from that of authentic Japanese wagyu, but wagyu outside of Japan is sold as “Japanese premium wagyu beef” at a very high price (even though it is not really Japanese).


I want everyone to experience the authentic Japanese wagyu and protect the wagyu brand

Authentic Japanese wagyu is totally different from the beef you know. The most premium wagyu just “melts in your mouth”, and “you would not need your teeth to eat”. I want everyone to experience it! Also, as I did the research about wagyu, I have noticed that wagyu information is rich in Japanese, but limited in English. This is why I have created this website.

I will update this website to:
– explain the difference of authentic Japanese wagyu and wagyu outside of Japan
– help everyone experience the authentic Japanese wagyu (that I love!)
– protect the prestigeous wagyu brand that Japanese people have built

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I am still updating this website.
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