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“Wagyu” is a Japanese word, 和牛 (wa-gyu), meaning Japanese cattle.
Wagyu Authentic is the website that Japanese explains what wagyu really is in English and contains all you need to know about wagyu.

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What is wagyu?

Hida BeefWagyu beef is prestigious and expensive in many countries, but what is it really? The definition of wagyu is different from country to country, and the quality of wagyu varies. There are many misunderstading of words related to wagyu such as Kobe. Learn more about what wagyu really is.

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Why is wagyu so expensive? – Check BBG of wagyu!

Wagyu Price in LondonRecent years, wagyu became popular for its marbling, tenderness, and juiciness, but wagyu breed is limited. This is why wagyu is expensive. Main factors that affect the price of wagyu are BBG: Birth place, Breed, and Grade. Check for these factors to understand what you are paying for.

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How does wagyu graded?

If you love wagyu, you may have heard of the meat grade such as “A5”. It is one of the indicators to know the quality of beef, but what does this grade mean? This grading system is widely used in Japan, which shows yield grade and meat quality grade of beef.

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Branded wagyu: Kobe is just a type of wagyu, and not all wagyu is Kobe

There are many branded wagyu, which are usually named after the region the cattle was raised. The most famous branded wagyu in the world is probably Kobe. Each branded wagyu has strict requirements to be named as branded wagyu in Japan, but “Kobe” is sometimes used as a synonym of “wagyu” outside of Japan…which is misuse of the word.

It may be fun to eat the branded wagyu of the region you visit in Japan!

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Wagyu Restaurants Around the World

Try authentic Japanese wagyu at Wagyu Authentic recommended restaurants! These restaurants are restaurants that Japanese wagyu lovers recommend and assure fantastic wagyu experiences. There are many wagyu restaurants around the world where you can experience the melting wagyu beef.

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Don’t like marbling? Wagyu is still a beef for you

You may not like the marbling, the main characteristic of wagyu, but wagyu is still beef for you. You can either choose to eat lower grade like A3 for less marbling, or, other parts of the meat that contains less marbling. Even wagyu that contains less marbling is said to be tender and juicy.

In addition, meat is not only parts of the wagyu you can eat. There are many parts that are usually not eaten outside of Japan. Some examples include tongue and innards.

Be sure to try many parts of the wagyu to fully enjoy!


How do you eat wagyu in Japan?

Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), sukiyaki, shabu shabu, and of course steak… these are just some examples of how you can eat wagyu. In any of the cases, it is recommended not to overcook because the marbling would melt out before you put it into your mouth.