Branded Wagyu

What is branded wagyu?

Branded wagyu is usually named after the region, and there are more than 150 branded wagyu in Japan. The top five famous branded wagyu in Japan are Kobe, Matsusaka, Omi, Maesawa, and Yonezawa. Each branded wagyu has strict requirements, on top of satisfying the wagyu definition in Japan. These requirements could be place where cattle was born and raised, grade of meat, breed of cattle, gender etc.

Requirements of branded wagyu are defined by each association which manages the branded wagyu. Some associations have more strict requirements than others. Also, quality within the same branded wagyu may vary because of wide requirements. This means that the price of branded wagyu may vary within the same brand.


Travel Japan with branded wagyu

Everywhere in Japan has branded wagyu. It may be fun to eat the branded wagyu of the region you visit in Japan!

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Branded Wagyu List (Alphabetical Order)


Meat Grade Mapping of Top Five Branded Wagyu

Just looking at the requirements of meat grade, you can see that the definition of each branded wagyu is different. If you are looking for marbling, melting wagyu, you should look for the higher meat quality grade (5 is the best).

Kobe Mapping  Maesawa Mapping  Matsusaka Mapping  Omi Mapping  Yonezawa Mapping

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