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Best A5 authentic Japanese wagyu served at reasonable price

Yazawa Meat, the company that manages Japanese BBQ YAZAWA, is a distributor of Japanese Black wagyu in Japan. That is why Yazawa Meat is an expert of wagyu, and wagyu specialists carefully select the best wagyu beef to be served in its restaurants. A5 ranked wagyu is served at Japanese BBQ YAZAWA.

You can try different parts of wagyu beef in yakiniku style (Japanese BBQ style) in this restaurant. Regardless of brand and where meat was produced, wagyu specialists carefully selects best wagyu parts purchased from all over Japan; that’s why Japanese BBQ YAZAWA is able to serve best wagyu at reasonable price.

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Branches around the world

Even though Yazawa Meat is Japanese company, it actually first opened its restaurant in Singapore, and after the success, Yazawa Meat decided to open also in Japan. It soon became well-known wagyu yakiniku restaurant in Japan. It now has 5 restaurants around the world: Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Kyoto (Japan), Milan (Italy), Beverly Hills (US) (as of 17 Oct. 2018).

Yazawa Meat has other different types of wagyu restaurants in Japan. One of them is Meat Yazawa, which serves rare wagyu hamburger steak and is also well-known in Japan. Since you cannot make reservations at Meat Yazawa*, there is always long waiting line. Meat Yazawa has branches in Tokyo (Japan) and Nagoya (Japan), and there is also takeaway shop at Tokyo station.

*You can make reservation at Japanese BBQ YAZAWA (Yakiniku Yazawa) restaurants.
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Basic Info (as of 17 Oct. 2018)

Tokyo, Japan

Name Japanese BBQ YAZAWA (Yakiniku Yazawa) Tokyo
Address Tohin Yaesu Bldg. 1F, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0028
Telephone +81 (0)50-2018-2429
Webpage http://www.yazawameat.com/tokyo/top_e


Kyoto, Japan

Name Japanese BBQ YAZAWA (Yakiniku Yazawa) Kyoto
Address Miyabi-Ayanokoji Bldg. 1F, Sinmei-cho 243, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, 600-8092
Telephone +81 (0)50-2018-1876
Webpage http://www.yazawameat.com/kyoto/top_e.html



Name Japanese BBQ YAZAWA (Yakiniku Yazawa) Singapore
Address 11 Unity Street #01-01 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995
Telephone +65 6235-2941
Webpage http://www.yazawameat.com/top_e


Beverly Hills, US

Name Yakiniku YAZAWA Beverly Hills
Address 9669 S. Santa Monica Blvd, #2, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210
Telephone +1 310 275 2914
Webpage http://yazawameat.us


Milan, Italy

Address VIA SAN FERMO 1, MILANO 20121
Telephone +39 (0)2 36799710
Webpage http://www.yazawa.it/


Reviews by Wagyu Authentic Members

Great meat, great value. Try “Yazawa Yaki” at Tokyo branch!

I have been to Singapore and Tokyo branches. Both restaurants provided wagyu with beautiful sashi (marbling) that provides melting experience. I could feel that the best authentic Japanese wagyu was carefully selected. Especially in Tokyo, considering meat quality and location in the city center, I thought that price is very reasonable.

Yakiniku Yazawa Tokyo is friendly to yakiniku beginner because waiter will cook in front of you with the best timing for each part of the wagyu beef. In typical yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants, you need to cook for yourself at the grill on the table.

In Tokyo, you should try Yazawa Yaki, which is big but thinly sliced wagyu beef cooked very rare, and you would dip it into special egg and yam sauce. Thinly sliced wagyu is best way to feel the melting experience that only best quality authentic wagyu can provide among beef.

Reviewed by Kaide

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